Underbody Rust Prevention, Neutralization, or Detailing

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State of the Art Dry Ice Blasting Services

(pricing below)

Dry Ice Cleaning uses dry ice rice pellets that are propelled using specialized equipment and high CFM air pressure. This process attack’s the surface to remove contaminants like dirt, oil, wax, undercoating/cosmoline, flaky paint and loose rust, but it will not hurt painted surfaces. The dry ice pellets are accelerated using compressed air, and upon impact with the surface, they sublimate (turn from sold to a gas), lifting off the dirt and grime without leaving any residue behind. It’s great for hard-to-reach areas and intricate parts of the car that traditional cleaning methods struggle with.

Our equipment can do the tough jobs! Our dry ice machine can be adjusted down with pressure, and fragment the ice to be broken into very fine particles to clean sensitive parts like wires, wheels, engine compartment, specialized equipment and electronics or stickers.

Advantages over traditional Wet cleaning or sand:

  • No high Pressure water or Steam needed
  • No secondary waste to clean up
  • Spray and cleans in tight spaces
  • Non-abrasive
  • Zero exposure to chemicals
  • Super clean paintable surface
  • Removes loose rust to help prolong the life of the vehicle

We can dry ice blast other items (equipment, engines, transmission’s, sticker removal, adhesives & parts) in-house at our 4325 Delemere Blvd location. Just give us a call and we can review options with you and pricing.

Dry Ice cleaning pricing:
  • Engine bay (top) $300 Under engine $300
  • Underbody $1500 (wheels on)
  • Wheel removal –clean wheels, brakes and wells $600
    *Price subject to condition, size
  • Platinum Dry Ice Package: Includes all of the above $2500.
    • Price includes all taping prep work if needed
    • Up to 10 hrs of cleaning
    • Clear spray wax if requested
    • Hand car wash

*Price subject to condition, size
*If additional blasting is required + $200@ hr. with approval

Underbody Detail $175*

(most vehicles)

Vehicles are placed on a hoist then thoroughly degreased and then steam cleaned with a 220° pressure washer.
All frame, suspension, bottom of engine & transmission components are thoroughly cleaned.

*Note: Price is depending upon amount of grease/dirt/mud and size of vehicle.

Fluid Film Undercarriage Rust Prevention/Neutralization $175-250

This unique wool-wax based formulation (lanolin) provides long term protection for all metals and superior tac-free lubrication for moving parts. Solvent free and creates a non-drying barrier of protection that moisture cannot penetrate.

Fluid Film stops existing deterioration on contact, it is always active and will migrate into inaccessible areas. This will stop the corrosive effects of salt, fertilizers or humidity and will not evaporate.

We recommend this performed annually in Michigan with all the salt on the road. We will spray into all underbody frame cavities.

This price does not include a pre-underbody detail. If your undercarriage is dirty we would recommend having us do a detail first.

Additional Options:

  • POR 15 paint rust neutralizing – Call for quote

  • Caliper painting or rusty hub painting available

  • Wheel Removal and detail $200

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